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Mick Nohilly was selected as part of the management team for Headford’s Team of the Last 30 years 1990-2020 by the public during the last lockdown and we felt he deserved an acknowledgement of his contribution to the club.
Mick was involved in various management teams down through the years and had many success stories that time.
In 1994 he brought the club back to Intermediate and won a league title, and then led the team to the Intermediate Semi-Final just after coming up in 1995.
Another stint brought a Junior North Board Championship title and a county final appearance in 2011.
Mick is always described as a gentleman.
Rarely during his tenure did he get overly animated, he always got the point across calmy and had respect of the whole squad. His man management and general character was much of the reason that players felt they couldn’t say no to him when asked to play or put their body on the line for Headford.
His love and knowledge of football during the 80s and 90s era truly was second to none and it showed with the success he enjoyed.
On top of all of that Mick is a great character and outside of his football knowledge players and fellow clubmen always enjoy him being around,
there are some great stories from his time with Headford but some of those are best left to another day 🙂

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